Guthrie Family Records Long-Lost Songs by Woody

Albuquerque Journal, 10/17/1992 On Woody's Grow Big Songs - and learning to sing in tune :) Great pix!

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Guthrie Family Records Long-Lost Songs by Woody - ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Saturday, October 17, 1992...
ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Saturday, October 17, 1992 B7 Guthrie Family Records Long-Lost Songs by Woody ; By Mary Campbell THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK A book of 20 children's songs that folk legend Woody Guthrie and his second wife, Marjorie, put together before their son, Arlo, was 14 months old was lost for years. Now that singersongwriter Arlo Guthrie himself is 45 and a grandfather, he and his sister, Nora, and brother Joady and their children have recorded the songs sometimes with Woody Guthrie's voice, a la Natalie Cole and her father Nat in the Grammy-winning "Unforgettable." In late August, Warner Bros, released two cassettes of 10 songs each and a CD of 20 "Woody's Grow Big Songs." The book is sold separately and is also sold packaged with a Rising Son Records 20-song cassette. "No one knew that this book even existed," Arlo Guthrie said. "It was lost when I was 14 months old. "It was found IV2 years ago at Sarah Lawrence College on a dusty shelf in an old manila envelope. My mother was teaching dance there in those years." A college librarian sent the envelope to Harold Leventhal and Nora Guthrie Rotante, who together run Woody Guthrie Publications. The book was hand-bound, pages laid out with typed lyrics, sheet music and color illustrations by Woody Guthrie. The original book is in excellent condition, because it hasn't been handled much. "The music was written out by my mother, who was musically literate," said Nora Guthrie Rotante. "When Harold showed it to me, we flipped out. We had never known about it. It got put aside somewhere and just stayed there." Said Arlo Guthrie: "Our mother cataloged everything. For her riot to even mention this book means she totally forgot about it." Marjorie Guthrie died in 1983. Woody Guthrie, who would have turned 80 July 14, died in 1967 from Huntington's disease. None ?rrr 4 K4i t' V- t U I I ' , f s I i f ' ' , 7 I " - t aM ' " ' Spy ki THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Arlo Guthrie holds a book of children's songs put together by his parents when he was a baby. of his three remaining children have symptoms of the progressive hereditary disease, which is accompanied by increasing mental deterioration. His three children from his first marriage and said. "Another eight or 10 have probably not been recorded. One, 'Little Bird,' didn't have music. Some of the songs I remembered had different melodies than the written versions. I did them the way I remembered them in most cases." His sister said: "The way Woody sang some songs was different 'than the way it was in the book. We had to change the book because we couldn't change Woody." At first, they intended to publish only the book. "Kids don't read music. Having a songbook for children almost required that they know what the songs sound like," Arlo Guthrie said. "We were going to have Woody's songs. Then it was going to be Arlo and Woody. Then the idea came, why don't we make it a family project. This is a book for families. i "Joady, Nora and I and our kids went into the studio and sang the songs along with Woody where it seemed appropriate and started from scratch on the rest." Nobody was barred for inability to carry a tune. "Carrying a tune isn't a Guthrie genetic trait anyway," Arlo Guthrie said. "It took me 10 years to learn to sing in tune. That's why I did monologues for the first 10 years. 'Alice's Restaurant' had two seconds of singing." "Your world expands as you get older," he said. "Sometimes adults try to make that big world fit onto a little kid. "That was Woody's genius. The world that little kid is in, tying his shoes, is as important to that kid as making a big deal in real estate is to some guy. Woody would take that kid seriously." one from his last have died. Arlo Guthrie had heard about half the "Grow Big" songs. "Ten or 12 Woody recorded. 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  1. Albuquerque Journal,
  2. 17 Oct 1992, Sat,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 19

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  • Guthrie Family Records Long-Lost Songs by Woody — Albuquerque Journal, 10/17/1992 On Woody's Grow Big Songs - and learning to sing in tune :) Great pix!

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